. . .  in the most extraordinary
places on Earth.

Continuing educ‚Äčation for psychologists, behavior analysts, social workers, marriage & family counselors, substance abuse specialists, speech pathologists and other professionals.

Learning on Location


Tree houses in Kauai, a houseboat on Lake Louise, white-water rafting on the Colorado, kayaking the San Juan Islands and dog sledding in Alaska.  Space is limited.



Your classmates


Every moment is a learning opportunity.  Strengthening old friendships, making new ones, and conversations over dinner all lead to "aha" moments you can't get from an online course. 

Your professors

All courses are designed to present students with current research, while giving the historical and cultural contexts of the subject matter. Lessons are taught by those individuals who exhibit outstanding contributions to their field or demonstrate a high level of expertise in the necessary subject matter.

The continuing education you need . . .